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Door closers are in constant use throughout our daily lives. Hydraulic door closers used in typical commercial government applications include office buildings, classrooms, warehouses, barracks, hospitals, clinics, specialized training facilities, and housing units.

Door closers/door operators are an integral part of most door access systems, providing the door closing control mandated for Fire Safety, Building Security, Energy Efficiency, and for general convenience.

Calibre® door closers conform to the rigid standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A156.4-2008 (Federal FF-H-121D) for Grades 1 and 2., and are Underwriters’ Laboratory Inc. Listed UL10C for positive pressure and UBC 7.2 (1997) BS476 for Fire Safety.

Most door closers, regardless of the brand name, have certain characteristics and features in common, which allow for interchangeability when you are faced with replacement needs. The most common considerations for replacing door closers are the templated installation hole pattern (so the replacement will re-install into the existing site preparation), the spring size, or strength (so that the resulting replacement doesn’t change the dynamics of the opening force required to pull the door open), and the function, primarily applicable to the Overhead Concealed Closer (OHCC) installed in a transom above the storefront door, requiring 105° or 90° openings, with or without the hold-open feature.

Calibre® furnishes a comprehensive line of hydraulic door closers in many different models, sizes, and spring tensions for new installations or for replacements that will interchange and retrofit with most commonly used door closers found in the market place today, including manufacturers such as Norton, Yale, Doromatic, LCN, Jackson, and Dorma. For a complete listing of our door closers please go to our commercial website at:


Hydraulic Door Closers for Transom & Surface Applications

Overhead Concealed Closers (OHCC)

Installs in the overhead transom of an aluminum and glass framed storefront door system.

Surface Applied Door Closers
Install on the face of the door, or on the face of the header above the door (Standard, Top Jamb, or Parallel Arm installations).

Modern Type with Cover 11.2 – C02011, C02021, C02041.
NSN 5340-01-334-0795 (LCN), NSN 5340-01-481-8637 (DOM)
Modern Type with Cover 111.2 – C02012, C02022, C02042.
NSN 5340-00-000-0057 (Size 2), NSN 5340-00-000-0058 (Size 3)
NSN 5340-00-000-0059 (Size 4), NSN 5340-00-000-0060 (Size 5)
Modern Type No Cover 11.3 – C03012, C03022, C03042.
NSN 5340-00-116-2375 (Size 3), NSN 5340-00-116-2376 (Size 4)

Floor Hinges (Floor Closer)

Installs in a cement case underneath the door (typical for monumental style All Glass Door).

Architectural Storefront Entrance Door Hardware

Storefront door hardware is specifically applicable to the Aluminum and Glass Door framed opening systems. This storefront hardware product includes MS® deadlocks, dead latch locks, cylinders, lever handles, paddle handles, auxiliary locking hardware (header bolts/threshold bolts), flushbolts, offset pivots, intermediate pivots, pull handles, push bars, and continuous geared hinges.

For a more complete listing of our architectural hardware please go to our commercial website at www.calibredoorclosers.com.


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